You all know that expectations do hurt at times not even at times but most times.If you learn how to always depend on people to make things happen in your life then I must say that you’re lost.

You have to learn how to leave on your own though we tend to hear people say that no man is an island. It isn’t a must we depend on people too much.Be your own kinda boss in everything that you do


Most of us wish that life could be a silver platter or just like a walk in the park. The truth is that God did promise us a good life but not life without struggle. Thats where people go wrong about life.

Youths nowadays are too lazy to search for capital out here in Nairobi.They just want things to be made easy for them of which they rarely consider the people doing all that. It could be alot more fun if jobs could be available easily but in this generation that we are in makes it sound like an irony. All this is because of corruption.

Corruption has been everywhere ever since from the beggining. Its like a disease and has infested half the people in our country and out of the country. Thats why you get so many people unemployed and it brings out a big gap between the rich and the poor.

The rich survive easily in this country coz they can corrupt anyone.Without money in this country be 100% guaranteed that youll leave to be a servant to the rich but if youre wise then the rich will be your servant. All it takes is using ones mind to think of how to make capital but if you wait to get employed youll die poor.